New autumn handkerchiefs with the theme of "Flower garden" decorated with seasonal flowers will go on sale from August 15 (Monday).

From the vivid colors of summer to the chic and gorgeous handkerchiefs that remind you of the coming of autumn. New handkerchiefs under the theme of "Flower garden" will go on sale from August 15, 2012.

Flower Dress

Flower dress designed in chic colors of roses, gerberas, and oriental lilies. It is a gorgeous piece.

Available in two colors: (from left to right) white and gray.

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Botanical Bouquet Autumn/Winter

A gorgeous bouquet of peonies, cattleyas, daffodils, Christmas roses, camellias, Japanese apricots, kudzu, autumn chrysanthemums, nodding vines, winter cosmos, dendrobiums, orchids, and other flowers that bloom in the fall and winter.

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Price 2,200 yen (tax included)

Special feature "Flower garden" > "Surrounded by flowers

 After the Bon Festival, the heat of summer has finally eased and autumn has settled in.Here we introduce a variety of handkerchiefs to add to your autumn attire.