Valentine Gift Released from January 15 (Saturday)

We will release new handker ties recommended for Valentine's Day from today. Board chocolate is designed with a design that is designed to be in a small unintegrated pattern, and a large number of designs of Yorosikki's message with a number of 4649 and a simple and long-lively design that motifs a blue shirt, and more.Together2022Year115th (Sat )-2Month14It offers a limited-time design gift wrapping until the day (Mon).

Bitter, suites, milk, white, arranged chocolate chocolate, and a unique handker church expressed in a male pattern. There is a plate chocolate with only one heart type, and it is a design with a playfulness.

¥ 2,200 (tax included)Two-color development brown / beige
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blue shirts

An image of a refreshing blue broad shirt and expressed a simple plain weave. It is a striped or tricolor, including six patterns.

Various ¥ 2,750 (tax included)
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4649 (Yoroshiku)


leftFrom 4649 (Yoroshiku), 39 (Sunquiew)

"Thank you, thank you from now on" Spread to expand the first time you can understand the message. Since the release, it is recommended for a little gift for those who are not only Valentine's Day, not only Valentine's Day, not only Valentine's Day.

¥ 2,750 (tax included)
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Valentine special wrapping

Six types of gift wrapping for a limited time for a limited time until January 15 (Sat) -February 14 (Mon). ※ Wrapping is available free of charge. It will end as soon as it disappears.


When selecting "Wrapping", select [Limited Time Lapping (Valentine)] and select your favorite pattern from 5 types.

· There are up to 2 handkeries that can wrap to one box.
· The gift box only corresponds to M size (11 cm × 22 cm × 2.5 cm).
· It will end as soon as it disappears.

Valentine Handkerchief

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