In commemoration of the 18th anniversary of brand birth, we will release the first brand movie.

The first brand movie was released to commemorate the 18th anniversary of the 19th anniversary of the brand to meet on April 25, 2022.

Handka Chief is a product that is full of special thoughts.

If you are using it as an accessory, one who is acquired as an accessory, if you are acquired as an accessory, if you give it a special time, the experience of giving it a special time, and the experience of getting out of a friend A variety of people to have. In fact, Handka Chizu is a special product that is deeply rooted in a familiar life.

Classix The Small Luxury is a Handka Chief Specialty store that was born from the idea that Broaming Nakanishi, a 1879 ever established by the creation of a Handka Chief. This time, the video produced to commemorate the brand 18th anniversary symbolizes the philosophy and thoughts of this brand.

The picture was taken in the form of Tokyo, Yokohama, Fukushima, Hyogo and Japan. Classix The Small Lug Juli has a brand store, starting from Tokyo, Nihonbashi Doll-Town, a workman who is inherited Japan's traditional technology, a factory in Hyogo Prefecture, which is beautifully stained by the yarn, Technical Power Printed Printed Factory, While the culture and technology spinning, the handker church is configured as a single story that the Handkerchief dissolves in lifestyle.

Even when it is given to one of the handkerchiefs, even when it is given to anyone, the feelings are transmitted to the hand, and new connections will be born. Such a "story" is also about to cherish Classix The Small Luxury.