[Recommended for Father's Day Gift] Men's Handka Chief New Color and New Pattern Appeared

Men's handker chills will be released one after another in June.

A new color appears in popular men's pattern "Pen's" and "Men's Collection" as the first one!

Develop four new patterns. Several facial expressions are attractive Handkerchief "Origami-Men" and striped patterns, airplanes, cars and yachts icons become impressive design handcaffets. How about giving me the world of father's hobby in Handka Chief?

PEN's ¥ 2,000


There are many people who are fascinated by the fountain pen in one of the hobbies. Pen's Handkerchief,Fountain pen, ballpoint pen, pencil, glass pen, featherpen and pen collectionLined up, and the upper left is a design that takes a page. A special gift with your father's initials and letters on your favorite pen tips.

navy (upper image) · Sky blue gray

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Men's Collection ¥ 2,000


A lot of mens goods are collected, a fashionable design. How do you talk with your father about works and hobby items drawn on Hanka Chief? There may be a new discovery!

Navy Blue White

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Origami-Men ¥ 2,000


Regimental stripes, stybids gratings, pindot, flat-plated folded hand-like handicap. As the expression that comes out on the folded side changes, you can enjoy either on / off scene!

Black (image) · Navy blue 3 color development.

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Vehicles Series ¥ 2,000


Embroidered the handle of the stripes. We have prepared three designs "plane" "car" and "Yacht". It is a handkerchief recommended for dad who like travel, drive and sea.


Navy (image) · White blue black 4 color development.

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