Web content "108 Colored Entrances" is released today.

Handkerchief's episodic content, "108Entrance of 108 Colors" is now available.

CLASSICS the Small Luxury," which will be available on the108which has a variety of colors, "SIC color" handkerchiefs in a variety of colors. The handkerchief concierge in the store can suggest the best color for each handkerchief and customize embroidery such as initials, etc., based on conversations with customers.

Each color has its own story, and each color contains a variety of "feelings". We want to convey to many people the idea that handkerchiefs can serve as an endless communication tool, and we have created a manga design based on non-verbal communication that does not use words.® content was created.

Along with episodes seen and heard by the handkerchief concierge at the store, episodes by students of Japan Women's University will also be introduced as an industry-academia collaboration project.

Ten episodes seen and heard by handkerchief concierges from customers will be released from time to time. The first episode is "Happiness Relay.

Episodes actually experienced by students of Japan Women's University3Book to Manga Design, etc.5The episodes of the book are published on the website.

The story "The story that you give to the other personFOR YOUand "FOR YOU", a story to give to yourself.FOR MEand "FOR ME", a story to give to yourself. Both are spun by a single handkerchief.2You can enjoy two stories spun by a single handkerchief. Please take a look.

Click here to view the contents of the "108 Colored Entrance" handkerchief episode.