Jayal Nagoya Takashimaya from Wednesday, March 17 (Wed) 2021.03.12, with POP UP SHOP

JAL Nagoya Takashimaya 1st South Escalater Side Special Venue from March 17 (Wed) to March 23, 2021, and a pop-up shop.

This time in Nagoya area, this time, including the design of Sakura motif unique to the current season, and the embroidery that has a popular cat has hanging with one hand with one hand, the embroidery is a unique "Hikkomi cat" handkerchief.

Above all, the Handka Chills of "SiC Collar" using Cotton "Sea Island Cotton", which can only be produced from the Caribbean and West Ind Islands, and the color variation is rich in color variations It will be 108 colors.

Handka chizens are initial embroidery ¥ 440 (tax included) ~. How about a spring gift for those who are important as a special one?

POP UP SHOP information


Holding period: 20213Month17From day (water)3Month23Sun (Tue)

Location: 〒450-6001 Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Nakamura Ward Name Station 1-chome 14 Jayal Nagoya Takashimaya 1st South Escalator Horizontal Special Venue

Time: Jayal Nagoya Tacashimaya business time.