It is recommended to have two handkerchiefs.


Even during this rainy season, you may have to go out for work or for personal use.

Wiping off drops from your bag or coat, or washing your hands several times a day can leave your handkerchief crumpled. It is hesitant to use such a handkerchief in public, such as at work or at a dinner party.

In such cases, having another functional handkerchief with good absorbency is a great relief.

We recommend a handkerchief made of "hemp" material.

We especially recommend a handkerchief made of "hemp" material for this season.

Hemp is a plant that has been used since ancient times in Japan, and is durable, absorbs water well, and dries quickly. NaturalIt is said to have natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

It is also attracting attention again as an environmentally friendly material.

It is not as thick as towels, so it is suitable for carrying in your pocket.

We have prepared a number of designs that can be used by all ages and genders.


This staff member is a mother of two children and is busy with childcare, housework, and work.

The staff member here is a mother of two children and has a busy life with childcare, housework, and work. And since it's going to be especially hot from now on, it helps that I don't have to iron them."


Having two handkerchiefs is a must: a regular basic handkerchief and a durable handkerchief for hand washing and for absorbing moisture.

Hemp material is especially recommended for this season. Please have two handkerchiefs and stay comfortable during the season of May rain.

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