Introduction of the unique handkerchief HIKKOMI series

Isn't it not a square?
Handka Chef's history was old, and Hemp's handkerchief was used with Egypt in the former BC. The Middle Ages are handy and collected as "symbolic symbol" .... Various shapes were also born. And Marie Antoinette. She should be a square in the domestic handkerchief. Her husband's Louis 16 reviews "Handkerchief size is sloppy the same as the same as the same side". Even now, the handkerchief is a square origin. We live in modern times to square handkerchiefs.

Isn't it not a square?

Various techniques and manufacturing methods were born in the square, but we have taken a new step in a few words from designers. It does not change the cutchy, but it's a slightly destroyed that the rice is withdrawn. So far, we have been square, and we have come straight. How do you pull in?
"Hikkomi series" that could be sewned and embroidered people and various trials and errors. It is a unique design that was born only because it was a handkerchief specialty store that was sticking to the square.


The Hikkomi series started with embroidering a cat with a handkerchief. Are you going to go down or you're going to go on? Design with various stories floating with the imagination of those who see.

Introduction of unique handker church "Hikkomi cat">


Do you play with the tail? A dog pulling with a handkerchief with embroidered dogs.

3Hikkomi named

It seems to be asleep as a pleasant feeling. Expressing something that hangs on handkerchiefs with embroidery.


Expressing it with a great deal of hand and enjoying fun playing. A handkerchief is surrounded by a green fringe.


Expressing stag beetles with a handkerchief.


Take a handkerchief with embroidery.

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