Linene familiar

Actually, Hemp and linen are different, and there are two types of linen and rammy in Japan.
Classics The Small Luxury Handka Teaf consists of all linen.

Linen raw materials are plants that bloom small blue flowers called fluxes.Its species is a flax insure that is also used for cosmetics, and the stem is exactly linen.

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The flux is a year of grown from May to August, and is cultivated in a cold region of Europe.


Linen 100% summer start

The goodness of linen is highly absorbed and characterized by being easy to dry.

Even in the water absorption and divergence linen, thin and soft 100th high-quality linen produces beautiful gloss and shari.

Compared to cotton handker teas, it has a hard and parish image,
You can enjoy the water and taste of linen with time as you go through the water.
Cooled linen feel the beginning of summer.