Holiday Gift, which delivers feelings

The city is colored with illuminations and trees, and at the same time as the heart, a holiday season that comes to mind. For those who were not quite happy this year, people who are always snugly, do not deliver the gratitude of "thank you" for a year?

| Ribbon Tree, which conveys my thoughts

The ribbon expresses a folding tree and is a holiday season and a warm and warm one. Design the shape of the heart to the center of the tree along the ribbon curve.

Embroidery such as initials and anniversary, how are special gifts? With the feelings connected by the ribbon, with the letter that can not usually be said to be usual.

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White lease with eternal happiness

White lease with wishes that happiness will continue forever with a pure white pure rose. A handkerchief designed like a single picture is also recommended to decorate the wall as an item that produces a holiday seasons. How is it enjoyed from time to decorate as an interior?

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Snowdome packed with a bright world

When I was looking at Snowdome at age, I can feel that I'm looking forward to such an excitement as if I was looking at a small universe. Color color color as a key color to a chic base fabric. It is a handkerchief that coloring starring and glowing and handicapping.

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【Column】 Introduction to the store manager recommended Holiday GIFT

Recommended for each store length that proposes various handker ties to customers daily as a concierge of Hanka ChiefHOLIDAY GIFTWe introduce.

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