True luxury... experience the quality for yourself

Blooming Nakanishi was founded in 1879 in the
Nihombashi Ningyocho district-the heart of business and
culture in the Edo period. Building upon years of
experience, Blooming Nakanishi opened a specialty
boutique ‘CLASSICS the Small Luxury’ in Roppongi Hills in
2003. As far as we are aware this is the only store dedicated
to the handkerchief in the world.

The name "CLASSICS" describes our desire to remain the
finest and most distinctive, specializing in high quality
handkerchiefs. "Small Luxury" describes the pleasure one
can get from personal items such as these.
Our handkerchiefs are luxurious and can be enjoyed as
fashionable accessories for many occasions.
Our designs are constantly refreshed to match the trend
and the natural season in Japan. The finest fabric is
selected for comfort to the touch. The meticulous
handcrafting, luxurious fibre and its refined quality afford
an irresistible feel against the skin.

Since the latter half of 19th century handkerchiefs have
become an indispensable part of daily life in Japan, now the
largest market for handkerchiefs in the world. For the last
130 years, we have been building up the expertise and
know-how to create fashionable, quality handkerchiefs and
we believe it is our mission to provide delight to our clients
through our products.